The Target Audience for these Speeches

These keynotes are targeted to Fortune 1000 senior executives. They are suited for private corporate meetings, professional organizations, and industry associations. The speeches are well researched, customized, entertaining, and exhilarating.

The talks are designed for the leadership of large companies ready to revisit strategic thinking and direction. If you’re looking to sharpen your strategy, and developing greater consensus among your management team, these are the perfect inspirational vehicles for starters.

When you are preparing for an annual meeting, management committee retreat, market segment retreat, or association quarterly focus meeting having a speaker can add great value to your meeting. You are always dealing with problems that are racking your industry. When you need to shake things up and inspire greater teamwork among management these speeches are guaranteed to get your audience thinking and into action.

Strategic Thinking Conversations with Mark Thompson

Strategic Thinking

Strategic Thinking: Stop wasting your time on Strategic Planning and Start Thinking Strategically to achieve Competitive Advantage and Exponential Results.


A Wall Street Journal survey just listed strategic thinking as the # 1 skill that executives need to have. Further the survey revealed that only 3 out 10 executives are strategic thinkers. This results in the development of benign strategies and the lack of effective execution.


When does your organization move above strategic planning to generate new insights?

Strategic Thinking is a mindset. If you do Strategic Thinking first, you will avoid surprises!


Pause to validate your strategy prior to criticizing tactics and execution.

Think strategically for the generation and application of insights on a continual basis to produce competitive advantage. Strategic Planning is the channeling of those insights into goals and objectives to execute the strategy. Unfortunately, companies spend their time day to day working on applying old insights.

What the Participants Will Learn.

The participants learn how to begin to think strategically. Through three short actual case studies they will see how these completely different companies applied strategic thinking to begin to think differently about their companies to achieve greatly improved financial performance.

Strategic Product Innovation

Strategic Product Innovation: How Winning Companies Outpace Their Competitors


Organizations spend the largest share of their innovation budget on enhancements to current products and services. The greatest competitive advantage comes from new-to-the-market products and services. The money spent on current products and services deliver me-too-products.


What percentage of your revenue comes from products and services that did not exist four years ago?

Are you exceeding your innovation objectives?


The world’s top-performing companies share a common characteristic: their superior ability to develop and introduce new products faster and cheaper than their competitors. As a matter of fact, effective product innovation is the key to growth-even survival-for most any business.

What the Participants Will Learn

The Seven Deadly Sins of Corporate Stagnation. The ten best areas to search for ideas for new products. The four phases of Strategic Product Innovation.

How Mentally Tough is Your Leadership Team?

Mental Toughness: is how to manage your emotions, attitudes, and behaviors in high-performance situations.


Many leadership teams are simply not mentally tough.


Is your management team executing like it should? Is your management team setting the pace for your industry? Is your team thinking about how to deliver results or is it making excuses?


Provide your leaders with an understanding of what mental toughness is and give them a set of tools to help manage their emotions, attitudes, and behaviors in high performance situations.

What the Participants Will Learn

The secrets used by the Navy Seals, professional athletes, and professional entertainers that inspire their performances, so you can use them in your business and personal lives.

Follow-Up Breakout Session Workshops Are Available

Mark can be reached at or at 941-373-6520

What Makes These Keynotes Powerful Introductions to Strategic Work

You’re going to find that these keynotes set the right tone for what you want to accomplish strategically with your enterprise. There are many reasons why these speeches are such a powerful tool, but here are three that cannot be disputed.

  • This is not the typical keynote where the speaker talks “at” the audience. I incorporate techniques that draw the wisdom out of your talent in the room. I open the door to your strategic discussions.
  • I’ve spent the last 23 years “in the trenches” strategically with hundreds of CEO’s and their teams. Respectfully, I bring a lot to the table. If it happens strategically, I’ve seen it, and I’ve got ideas for solutions. You and your team will recognize and benefit from the “voice” of my experience.
  • The Strategic Thinking processes are proven through decades of development, application, fine tuning, and revision. They work. I’ve seen them work over and over and over. Unequivocally, I can state that these processes work.

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