Strategic Thinking

Strategic Thinking is a five-phase critical thinking process that uses a unique proprietary methodology to formulate and implement a distinctive strategy.

The process allows you to gain a common understanding of the ingredients for success in the competitive “sandbox” where you operate.  The process utilizes a cross functional group of executives to achieve consensus on what the future strategy of the organization will be.

This process eliminates the need for armies of consultants and endless strategy projects and gets results.

Functional Expertise

Strategy Implementation

Implementing a strategy is an important step for any organization. This process utilizes four critical steps to insure a “bullet proof “implementation plan. The four steps are, identify the areas of vulnerability, create a list of potential problems, formulate the actions necessary that will allow for the prevention of the problems, and finally determine what contingent actions can be taken to minimize the effect of the problems if the preventative actions are not successful. The process will also incorporate the principles of mental toughness to help your people through the required changes in behavior.

Stealth Competitor

We have all read about creative destruction surprising organizations. This process looks ahead to identify what a stealth competitor would find attractive in your industry. How would they identify a missing link, weak link, or bottle neck that could be exploited in such a way as to cause margin erosion or infiltrate your best customers. We then create a business model that will address these opportunities and compare it your current strategy assessing its viability.

Competitive Analysis

The Competitive Analysis process provides a way to evaluate your most important competitors and develop a “competitive strategy” that allows you to manage the competition to your advantage. This process takes the massive troves of information you have about your competitors makes the information actionable. The correct competitive strategy will allow you to “change the rules of the game” to your advantage.

Strategic Product Innovation

Strategic Product Innovation is a four step process that identifies new product and service concepts, assesses their viability and creates a “bulletproof plan” for the development, implementation, and commercialization of the concept. Organizations must make innovation part of their culture and always maintain a “hopper” of new ideas so that they can control the pace of new product and service introductions.

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