Chairman Ball Corporation

As a facilitator, Mark helped us to understand the different Driving Forces. He showed us examples of companies with different Driving Forces, and how that shaped their businesses. He guided us through that very well. If you read our Business Concept, it says what we are—we are a supplier of metal and plastic packaging products to food and beverage manufacturers. When we decided to focus on the market concept—which is a different answer than one might have expected—it opened up new avenues to explore beyond our current products.”

United Medical Resources

One of the most compelling steps was the development of a fictional, though feasible ‘Stealth Competitor’—one that could put us out of business—designed by our people. By envisioning new forms of competition and the new approaches they might take, the Stealth Team was able, not only to see potential new competition, but also to develop breakthrough concepts that they could adopt as part of their strategy for the future”.

Acuity Insurance Company

We knew we would be working with an experienced veteran, Mark Thompson. He commands your attention, and our officers respected him. A lot of strategic planners don’t get that kind of respect because their methodologies don’t work and their strategies never get implemented.”

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